We commit to an Active Break every day, 

Even when we can’t go out to play,

Hail, rain, sunshine or snow,

We’re an Active School don’t you know

Our Healthy Living Committee

 1st Class =    Tadhg Curran / Erin Rohan
2nd Class =  Bella Fitzgerald / Aaron Holden
3rd Class =   Séan O Donoghue / Aoibheann O Donnell 
4th Class =   Sam Gunnip / Caitlin Walsh
5th Class =  Abbie Fielding / Kayla O Keeffe Bulger / Dean Cleary
6th Class =  Caoimhe Hartwell / Eoin McGrath

September 2018 

Healthy Living Committee selected.
On September 28th 2018 all classes celebrated European Fitness Day. At 12 o clock, for 12 minutes all classes went outside and did something active. We played with hoops, skipping ropes, rackets and balls, basketballs, we were running and playing lots of games. 
(pictures to follow in next email)

October 2018
Mental Health Motto Competition. Committee voted and picked Paudie Purcell's poster as the winning motto. 
October 20th - 27th: Feel Good Week/Mental Health week: Every class did some mindful activities and spoke about the importance of our mental health throughout the week.

November/December 2018
Active Break 4 week challenge: Even with the bad weather we are ensuring that each class is active for 5-10 minutes every day as part of this 4 week challenge. Classes can do an exercise break, a dance break or a running break.