We commit to an Active Break every day,        

Even when we can’t go out to play,

Hail, rain, sunshine or snow,       

We’re an Active School don’t you know


Healthy Living Committee  2020 - 2021

1st Class - Eoin Barden & Anna Mc Tighe

2nd Class - Luke Henebery & Maisie Rowe

3rd Class -  Eve Mackey & Ultan Rohan

4th Class -  Robbie Sutton

5th Class - Molly Quinn & Naoise Henebery

6th Class - Eibhlin Thompson & Alessio Favoccia


Active Schools Week - 9th - 16th June 2021 - Please see our Photo Gallery for our Photos


Run Around Ireland Challenge - April 2021 (see our Photo Gallery)

It is a great way for pupils to learn about Ireland's most famous landmarks, and to bring learning outdoors.
It supports the Athletics strand of the PE curriculum and gives pupils the opportunity to develop good running technique
This challenge is also one of the key criteria for schools working towards ASF

We are delighted and what an achievement.  Our school covered 20,495 km over the 4 weeks of the challenge.


Active Sitting - What is Active Sitting? see our Photo Gallery for Photos

Active sitting allows or encourages the seated person to move. The concept is that flexibility and movement while sitting can be beneficial to the human body and make some seated tasks easier to perform.

With active sitting, the upper body is free and self-supported and has to balance itself.
Abdominal and back muscles are engaged, which strengthens core muscles, improves posture and reduces tensions.
Feet and legs are also in motion, which stimulates circulation.
Shoulders and chest are open, making it easy to breathe deeply and can help improve concentration.

First, Third and Fifth classes are involved in this exciting initiative and each pod will get to try out the stability balls for a period of two weeks. Each child is asked to participate in drawing up a contract for correct use of the balls.    We look forward to reaping the benefits over the coming weeks.