Our Committee for 2016-2017

Active Schools Week 24th - 28th April

The ASW initiative is about providing FUN and INCLUSIVE physical activity opportunities for ALL members of the school community. 

It allows schools to reinforce the message that not only is physical activity good for you but it also very enjoyable. 

It provides schools with an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about the physical activity opportunities that are available in their locality and to work collaboratively with students, parents and members of the community. 

We will enjoy a variety of activities throughout the week, from hip-hop dancing, to athletics and obstacle courses, to active homework and much much more.

Below is a list of activities scheduled for classes

Activities for the week

Laps around the school / court           Walk around the school              Dancing - Go Noodle                  
Operation Transformation 10@10       Wake Up Shake Up                    Yoga                                         
Mindfulness / Meditation                     Stretching

School Walk on 26th April 2017

The whole school, parents and the local community enjoyed the 5Km walk


Active Games for the week

Beanbag collect game - beanbag on head
Rainbow Blast (coloured cards undeer cones, team race game - three legged / linked arms
Target throw - beanbags and hoops - potato and spoon
Tag games : stuck in the mud, chain tag, sunshine and snowballs - sack
Snatch the bacon (2 equal teams, everyone has a number, object in centre, numbers called out, first to snatch the object get point for team
Tag chase / tag rugby - Fancy dress relay
Basketball - Tongue Twister relay
Soccer / Rounders / Gaelic Football / Hurling / American handball / Treasure Hunt / Penalty Shoot outs / Dodgeball

Maths Trial Activity

Race Options                           
Beanbag on head       Three legged / link arms       Potatoe and spoon          Sack Race             Sprint
Wheelbarrow              Fancy dress relay                Tongue Twister relay       Normal Relay         Hurdles

Kilkenny Hurling Legend

Tommy Walsh, former Kilkenny Hurler visited the school and spoke about his hurling and sport. He emphasised the importance of sport and
the children had a question and answer session with him.  He later played hurling with the children.