Green School Flag Programme

Our school is very environmentally friendly. We are actively involved in the Green Schools’ Programme and all pupils are involved.

We have flags for the following:

  • Litter/Waste Reduction
  • Energy Saving
  • Water
  • Travel
This year 2019/2020 we are working on our Biodiversity Flag - we will look at plants and animals in our school environment

Litter /Waste - We encourage recycling. We take pride in keeping our buildings and grounds litter free and we separate rubbish in our school.

Energy - We have a 'Switch it OFF' policy. We try not to waste energy and we learn about renewable sources of energy.

Water -We learn about water conservation and try not to waste water in our buildings - short flush and eneregy efficient taps installed.

Travel - We encourage pupils to walk to school when feasible.