Global Citizenship & Litter - Our Photo Gallery has lots more photos

September 2023 we will be focusing on our 6th Green Flag.  New member were elected.  Meetings were held to discuss what initiatives we implemented and achieved last year.

                                                                                    Our Junior & Senior Committee  


OCTOBER 2022 - We completed lessons in which we learned how to keep our planet clean.  We made eye catching posters and displayed them on the Green School notice board.


NOVEMBER 2022 - We carried out a survey about litter to learn more about our school's knowledge of litter.

The WEE Ireland battery initiative has been a huge success.  Students have brought in boxes full of old batteries that were recycled.


DECEMBER 2022 - The Committee came together to discuss ways in which we can help reduce waste at Christmas time.  They designed posters to inform others

Our Senior Campus got busy making their own Christmas decorations

DECEMBER is a busy month - We promote Good Health & Wellbeing by performing for the Residents in our local Nursing Home and we preform a Nativity for the local community in the Parish Church

JANUARY 2023 - At school Assembly our committee presented their posters and what they had learned on Fair Trade

FEBRUARY 2023 - Senior Infants learned all about the importance of books and reading through the story of Biblioburro - a true story from Columbia, where a man travelled the country sharing books with children.  This fall under Global Goal 4 of Quality Education.  They drew pictures and spoke about the books they would share with their friends.

MARCH 2023 - Reading on World Book Day - We learn from and teach each other.  4th Class reading to our Senior Infants.  Dressing up as our favourite characters

                                      Learning about Global Citizenship.  We completed the global goal - partnership for the goals