Biodiversity Flag - Check our Photo Gallery for more photos

DECEMBER 2020 - 3rd class got busy collecting stones, twigs, branches and moss from around the school to create a mini-pond habitat.

DECEMBER 2020 - We have planted lovely heathers and grasses around our school grounds to help increase the amount of biodiversity around the school and help feed our bees.  Heather is an important source of nectar for wild bees and other pollinators

NOVEMBER 2020 - We ran a competition for a slogan for Biodiversity - 1st class to 6th Class participated.  Our overall winner was from 6th Class with the following slogan:

Save the bees

Save the trees

Save the Earth please

OCTOBER 2020  - This year, we are focusing on increasing the amount of insects in the soil around our school. Insects are an important part of keeping our gardens healthy.  Minibeasts will use our bug hotel as a safe space to shelter, lay their eggs, raise their young, and seek refuge from predators. 

Our junior school has started work on making a bug hotel. Each class has gathered leaves, twigs, stones, cardboard, pieces of wood, pipes, flower pots and branches. We also sourced pallets as the base for our hotel. We are looking forward to seeing and monitoring what kinds of insects our bug hotel will attract over the next few months and of course, we cant wait to read the reviews from our hotel guests! 

OCTOBER 2020 - Third class learnt about what plants need to grow and then planted their own flowers in good compost. We've found them a nice sunny spot and are watering them regularly.

SEPTEMBER 2020 -  Potatoes planted and growing in our  tyres in Senior School.  Lovely wild flowers.  

Third class are learning about the importance of trees on our planet. We learnt that there are two types of trees; deciduous and evergreen. We went on a tree field trip around the school looking for different types of trees and gathering their leaves. Back in class we made colourful prints of the different types of leaves that we found. See photo gallery for more

July 2020 - Our School Garden is producing lovely Vegetables
June 2020 - Our School Garden - more in our photo gallery

MAY 2020 - While our school is closed the pupils were out taking photos and below are some of our winners

Ms Kinsella and 2nd Class are starting projects for our next Green School Flag - Biodiversity.  We are helping the birds survive the cold winter months. We used recycled materials for our projects - see more in gallery

Mr Proud and 3rd Class were busy bird watching - see more biodiversity photos in our Photo Gallery

MARCH 2020 - 5th class are growing carrots, peas and cress as part of the Innocent Big Grow programme.