ArtEd 2023  - lots of photos in our Gallery

The children of Ms Phelan’s 2nd class were chosen to participate in a new ArtEd programme funded by the Kilkenny Arts Office and Kilkenny Education Centre.

The programme ran for 5 weeks and during that time the artist Kiri Tulloch came into our classroom and helped the children to create different works of art around the theme of ‘Wellbeing’ to coincide with our Amber Flag. The children made worry dolls and dream catchers made from willow, string, wool, beads and feathers to hang in their bedrooms and catch all their worries and bad dreams.

As a class, we read stories about the different types of feelings we can have and we discussed different symbols that represent each feeling. All feelings are okay and important. We wanted everyone to know that some days we feel sad and can have a black cloud hanging over us. Other days, we can feel strong and powerful like a bolt of lightning and sometimes we feel so loved our hearts expand. The children then designed and made their own mosaic tiles with their own unique feelings symbol. The artist and all the children put in a huge effort to create beautiful, colourful and special pieces of art.

We can’t wait to hang our mosaics in the school for all to see and we want to say a big thank you to Kiri for all her time, effort and expertise.