Positive Mental Health

We as a school have invested in the FRIENDS FOR LIFE programme which teaches strategies to promote positive mental health, resilience and decrease anxiety in children's lives.

‘We want young people to have better coping skills in dealing with issues affecting their mental health. As school is where they spend a significant amount of their young lives, it’s only fitting that school is an environment where young people feel supported and safe. This needs to be a whole school approach. Only through real, innovative, fun and genuine efforts by the school to involve young people in talking about their mental health will this be achieved. We need to reach the point where all young people feel that it’s ok not to be ok’. 

Illness is something we need help to cure but positive health starts with what we do ourselves. Simple and easy activities can change the health of individuals and communities in a positive way. Being healthy is about physical and mental fitness. It is about habits and activities that become a part of our lives. It can be as simple as remembering to breathe and take time for ourselves to do something we enjoy and that absorbs us, or as complex as organising a school initiative.