Current News for October 2019

World Mental Health Day

We're only in Junior Infants with Ms Doocey but look what we can do - YOGA!!

We had great fun stretching and doing our yoga moves. more in gallery

Date Added: 12-10-2019

Heritage in Schools - Wild Birds

1st Class had a lovely morning with Orla, the artist from Heritage in schools.

They were talking about, looking for and listening to some Irish garden birds. Then made some prints in lots of different colours. see more in gallery

Date Added: 07-10-2019

Heritage in School - Biodiversity

3rd class used pigment, water and glue to make their own paint.

They used their paint on their 'stone walls' to create cave wall art and symbols.

Thank you to Orla from Heritage Ireland for a wonderful lesson! more in gallery

Date Added: 02-10-2019

Ecole Francaise

French School ... Ms Kinsella and 2nd Class had a lovely day being French.

They did project work on France with art and craft and finished up with some lovely french inspired cakes. Yummy! see gallery for more

Date Added: 07-10-2019

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