Current News for June 2019

Sports Day 20th June 2019

Thank you to the Senior School for another great Sports Day.

Junior School went to the Senior School for the day. They had organised every sort of games and everyone had a great day. And the rain stayed away for the day.

See our photo gallery for lots of photos

Date Added: 22-06-2019

Dawn Meats

2nd class and Ms Phelan went on a trip to Dawn Meats on Friday 21st June as part of their involvement in the Junior Achievement programme.

The theme of the programme was 'Our Community'. The pupils learnt about the different businesses in a community and got to work on the assembly line in the Sweet Donuts factory. They learnt about how money moves around the community.

They also learnt about the role of government and got to vote in their first ever election for their preferred community mayor.

The programme was run by Lana Dias from Dawn Meats and Helen Halpin from Junior Achievement. more photos in gallery

Date Added: 21-06-2019

School Walk

The sun was out and there was no rain so ....

Both Junior and Senior school met at the Parish at 11:30am and headed out on their walk. Junior and Senior Infants went as far as Crowley's Lane and back and then went to the park.

1st to 6th Class did the circuit of Polerone and Dournane and back to Senior School.

Our Parents Association donated bottled water for all students

Date Added: 18-06-2019

Chalk Artists

Junior Infants were let loose with chalk... What fun!

Some Chalk Artists - more in photo gallery

Date Added: 15-06-2019

Release of the Butterflies

Junior Infants had a busy week.

They have been waiting and watching the caterpillars - finally the caterpillar stops eating, hangs upside down in their net and spins itself a silky cocoon. Within its protective casing, the caterpillar radically transforms its body, eventually emerging as a butterfly - see more in our photo gallery

Some needed a little poke to get going!!

Date Added: 15-06-2019

Norman History

3rd Class and Ms Kinsella have been busy in class learning about the Normans
Please see our photo gallery for lots more photos

Date Added: 12-06-2019

Date Added: 07-06-2019

More Active Days 4th - 6th June 2019

Our School walk had to be cancelled due to the bad weather all week

On Fri 7th June - Mindset Mission in the Parish Hall - whose theme was a CAN DO attitude

Basketball Shoot Out and Twister Fun

Date Added: 07-06-2019

Active Days 4th - 6th June

As part of our Active Week the school took part in lots of Activities.

From Maths Trial, Hurling, Scratch Coding, Gymnastics, and lots more
lots of photos in our gallery

Date Added: 06-06-2019

Playground May 2019

Ms Doocey treated her Junior Infants to a trip to the local Park.

As a treat they also got lovely ice pops - lots of photos in our gallery

Date Added: 04-06-2019

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