RSA Cycling Safety Course continues every Friday for 6th Class. 

The course is aligned to Cycle Right, the National Standard for Cycle Safety Training in Ireland, and is delivered by qualified trainers from the national register.


The sessions teach trainees safe cycling techniques and also introduce them to an invaluable and inexpensive form of exercise at a time when lack of exercise is a cause for concern.


The content comes under the SPHE strand of the curriculum.

Cycle Right Training covers the following;


â–ª Bicycle maintenance – how to know when the bike needs attention, how to identify the bike parts, and a practical exercise in setting up the bike properly
â–ª Helmet wear and correct fit
â–ª Clothes on a bike, how they help, how they hinder
â–ª Weather and environmental considerations
â–ª Core bike-handling skills
â–ª Shoulder checking and signalling 
â–ª Starting position and safe stopping
â–ª Left turn, major to minor road
â–ª Left turn, minor to major road
â–ª Right turn, major to minor road
â–ª Right turn, minor to major road
â–ª Correct positioning on the road
â–ª Overtaking parked cars etc.
â–ª The lifesaver look (the final extra check before a manoeuvre)


Sessions also include elements of theory, and rules of the road incorporating signs and crossings, with fun and skills incorporated.


During these sessions, we use traffic simulation techniques and the emphasis in training is very much on control of speed and the bike, and on the cyclist’s awareness of his/her surroundings. Each session reinforces and builds on the content of the previous sessions


Class structure has a number of trainees on bikes at any one time, with the rest learning by observation, question and comment.


Where course outcomes have been achieved and where the local environment is deemed appropriate, groups of trainees will have the opportunity to progress to training on the road as part of the course.


At the end of the course, each trainee will receive a certificate of completion.